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ShipMaster Reports for Ship 210 Members Only
Object ObjectType LastModified Description
Able_Group_Entry Form 12/30/99 6:31:38 PM Able Rank-entire group
Apprentice_Group_Entry Form 12/30/99 6:31:51 PM Apprentice Rank-entire group
E-Mail Form 12/30/99 11:30:03 AM All members email address sorted aphabetically
Ordinary_Group_Entry Form 12/30/99 6:32:20 PM Ordinary Rank-entire group
Quartermaster_Group_Entry Form 12/30/99 6:32:02 PM Quartermaster Rank-entire group
Birthdays Report 12/30/99 6:39:22 PM Members birthdays sorted by month and day
General_Purpose_Worksheet Report 12/30/99 5:50:48 PM Use to record misc. information
Roster-Adults_and_Youth_by_Group Report 12/30/99 5:52:18 PM Adults/Youth sorted by group

Note: On the "Group Entry" forms you will see the symbols "-1" and "0." "-1" means the requirement has been completed; "0" means that it has not.

Please review your own information for accuracy and completeness. Email me any updates or corrections. Thanks, DZ.

Be sure to get all the pages of the documents you want and print them out.

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