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Sea Scout Ship 210

March 14, 1998

Meeting Minutes

Sea Scout Ship 210 met beginning at 3 pm at the Zwerg home on March 14. Business commenced after a brief opening with welcoming of guests and new members.

Ocean Springs Yacht Club – We discussed the Ocean Springs Yacht Club co-sponsoring our ship. All were in agreement and very positive about this idea. Our first meeting at the Yacht Club will be on April 11 at 3pm. We plan to bring our boats to let all new and prospective members know what we do and also to have a cookout. The Skipper will handle notification of the newspapers and will seek donation of food supplies.

Officers – Jesse Lewis resigned his position as Boatswain due to personal time constraints. We discussed how to fill the vacancy. By consensus of all present, Boatswain Mate Melissa Perez became Boatswain. Chris Loepke was elected Boatswain Mate. Adam Wilson was elected to fill the vacant position of Purser.

Committees – The Boatswain appointed a committee to design a new ship T-shirt: Jesse Lewis, Melissa Perez, Amanda Romero, Chris Loepke, and Katie Krebs. The Boatswain appointed a committee to work out the details on the April 11cookout: Melissa Perez, Jesse Lewis, Babette Richard, Adam Wilson, and Chris Loepke.

Dues – Approved to raise dues from $27 to $30 per year for youth members. Of the total, $7 goes to BSA for registration and approximately $2.50 goes to pay for accident insurance. The remainder is available for use by the ship. Dues for adults are $7 per year. Dues for all members should be paid at the April 11 meeting for our recharter.

Ship Organization – Our ship has grown tremendously lately necessitating dividing into crews. The following crews were formed:

Sea Dawg Crew: Crew Leader Scott Romero, Asst. Crew Leader Kathy Krebs; members Monique Richard, Babette Richard, Ben Blone, Zach Flincher, Erin Grace; Quarterdeck Advisor J.D. Kubiak.

Venture Crew: Crew Leader Aaron Allen, Asst. Crew Leader Chris Guice; members Jackie Hedges, Julie Lang, Carolyn Young, Allison Brosseau, Michael Wernowsky; Quarterdeck Advisor Chris Loepke.

Explorer Crew: Crew Leader Jesse Lewis, Asst. Crew Leader Adam Wilson; members Alex Block, Amanda Romero, Taylor Shields, Adam Wilson, Leanna Simkins; Quarterdeck Advisor Melissa Perez.

Ship’s Roster -- Members were asked to update their names, address, phone number, and e-mail address on the ship’s roster.

Upcoming Activities -- A discussion led by the Skipper on ideas for upcoming activities was held. Ideas proposed included: Water skiing, regional "cruise in" at the Yacht Club, sailing trip and camp out at Camp Wilkes, sailing trip to Horn Island, white water rafting trip, schooner trip, YMCA event, another advancement day. Tentative plans are to sail to and camp at Camp Wilkes in April, sail to and camp at Horn Island in May (to coincide with International Beach Cleanup), and to hold a regional "Cruise In" in June.

Adjournment -- The meeting adjourned at 5 pm.

Quarterdeck -- Following the regular meeting, a brief Quarterdeck meeting was held to firm up details. The skipper will make a list of members paid/not paid for the Purser for April. The date for the April sailing trip/campout will be April 23-25. Skipper will make arrangements with the camp. April 11 cookout arrangements were discussed—publicity, food items, Yacht Club arrangement, each person possibly bringing some food. We decided that Quarterdeck meetings would include all ship officers and adults. Crew Leaders are specifically invited and all members are welcome. We discussed the need for a female leader/chaperone. We discussed ideas for displaying leadership position and rank badges as well as an organizational chart display. We discussed the need to acquire a bigger boat for our now larger unit.