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Join us for a chat meeting on Wednesday at 5pm (central time zone).

For your listening pleasure while you chat:

Rock With You Jump Breakout Superstition

Blues Jam Margaritaville

Sorry, your browser is not Java-enabled, you will not be able to chat.

If you get a message in the chat box that says something to the effect that "Urgent Security Warning", it's because Xoom Chat is very sensitive to the exact URL from which you access it. Our web site is not so sensitive. You can get to this page with or with 210/chat.html. Note the "~" sign in the second URL. If the ~ sign is present in your browser's URL box, then you'll get the alert message. You can just ignore it, or if you don't believe me, try deleting the ~ from your URL line and then log into the chat box. Like magic, the warning does not appear!


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E-mail: Merrill Lonnborg, Skipper
Phone: (228) 875-7510

E-mail: Dan Zwerg, Committee Chairman
Phone: (228) 875-0728

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