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March/April 2010

We are planning a day trip to Horn Island on April 3rd. Meet at the Zwerg's home at 8am Sat. morning. Bring a lunch. We'll take Baby to the harbor for fuel and then on to the island.
UPDATE: We had a GREAT TIME at Horn Island! The boat ran beautifully. We had a good opportunity to use all the electronics including the autopilot which was really cool. Upon arriving at the island, we picked up trash, getting the jump on the coastwide cleanup to occur later this month. The most interesting objects removed were an old chair and a large television set. We hauled it all back and disposed of it. In addition to the service element of the trip, we swam in the waves, jumped off the tuna tower of the boat, fished, buried Zach in the sand, and ate shishkabobs courtesy of our friends from the M/V Right Hook.

We are planning a trip in the near future to a property on Fort Bayou. It's close to Aunt Jenny's and McElroys, so a good meal can definitely be had. The property has a dock for our boat(s) and the land is perfect for tent camping if we choose to do that. Be sure to get in on the planning for this opportunity.

We took the Girl Scouts out on a short trip in February to teach them boating safety. We anchored up in the harbor and had a snack (popcorn, fruit, and juice) and then demonstrated the safety equipment onboard. We explained about the different types of life jackets and discussed weather emergencies, safety rules and emergency procedures.

We took a nice little trip to Biloxi and Deer Island aboard "Baby" in December. We did a little fishing, some cooking, played football on the town green, and generally enjoyed being on the water.

In October, we had a cookout and worked on "Baby." We took the boat out to test the repairs. Thanks to Jackson Weldon and friends for the awesome music. Check out the pictures.

We generally meet the 1st and 4th Thursdays of the month at 7PM at the Wesson Building at St. Paul United Methodist Church on Porter Street in downtown Ocean Springs. Note--Because the Order of the Arrow (OA) now meets on the 2nd Thursday, we changed our meeting schedule to accommodate.

Projects underway at present are to correct a high temperature fault on both engines of Baby. Much thanks to Joseph Bartusiak, Timmy Anderson, and David Feeney, who pulled and cleaned the heat exchangers recently and pulled and cleaned the exhause elbows and corrected a coolant leak. We gave it all a test run, and though better, we still have the problem. Next effort--check the thermostats and then possibly the fresh water pump impellors (assuming the thermostat turns out not to be the problem).
UPDATE: On our recent trip to Horn Island, the port engine performed flawlessly with no high temp situation and the starboard engine performed well but still had a temperature problem when run continuously above 2000 RPM. This lends credibility to the thermostat possibility described above. The orifice in the thermostat on the starboard engine could be occluded (and now clear in the port engine due to just getting the fluids moving). This is a simple problem and relatively easy to correct. We need to pull this thermostat and change the coolant in this engine. Best to change in both as a preventative.

Welcome to our newest members Daniel Yi, and Minh Hyung, and leaders Harry Brackett and Paul Laflore. If you are interested in boating and not a member of Ship 210, we want you to be. If you're ready to get into Sea Scouts and part of the coolest thing happening, give Merrill or Dan a call (see numbers below).

Boatswain - Tim Wilson
Boatswain Mate - Kristina Zwerg
Yeoman - Daniel Yi
Storekeeper - Min Hyung

The four ranks in Sea Scouting from lowest to highest are: Apprentice, Ordinary, Able, and Quartermaster (equivalent to Eagle Scout). Click here for advancement requirements.

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E-mail: Merrill Lonnborg, Skipper
Phone: (228) 875-7510

E-mail: Dan Zwerg, Committee Chairman
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