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Please help us fill in the gaps! Email activity info to Dan Zwerg.

Day trip, taught boating safety to Girl Scouts, 2/10
Boating trip/campout to Ft. Bayou area, 3/10 (currently being planned)

Acquired 31' ChrisCraft, Baby, 7/09
Day trip aboard Baby to Deer Island, 8/09
Work day on Baby, 9/09
Cookout, awesome music, work day, test trip aboard Baby, 10/09
Overnight trip aboard Baby to Biloxi and Deer Island, 12/09

Sailing campout on Deer Island, 9/08

Daysail trip aboard Sea Dawg around Deer Island, 1/00

Swim Party/Advancement Day, 1/99
Naval Station Pascagoula/Coast Guard Cutter "Decisive" Trip, 2/99
Cookout at the Ocean Springs Yacht Club, 4/99
Horn Island Cleanup/Campout, 5/99
Acquired our 3rd boat, a 17' O'Day, 6/99
Acquired our 4th boat, another 17' O'Day, 7/99
Sailing/Camping Trip to East Ship Island, 8/99
"Mike Sekul" Biloxi Schooner Trip to Horn Island, 9/99
Service Trip to New Orleans--Bethlehem Children's Home, 12/99

Coast Guard Cutter Cruise, 1/98
Sailing/camping trip to Camp Wilkes, 3/98
Island Cleanup at Horn Island, 5/98
Cruise/Camp to Barrier Islands, 6/98
Car Wash Fund Raiser, 10/98
Horseback Riding Trip, High Hill Stables, 10/98
Council Scoutoree (We ran the canoeing event), 11/98
Sailing Trip to Keesler AFB, 11/98
Service Trip to New Orleans--Bethlehem Children's Home and French Quarter, 12/98

Sailing/Camping Trip from Ocean Springs to Camp Wilkes in North Biloxi 1/97
Sailing/Camping Trip to Deer Island, 2/97
Daysail to Deer Island, 3/97
Horn Island Cleanup, 5/97
Sailed to Ship Island, 5/97
Council Superactivity at Camp Tiak, 7/97
Acquired our Second Boat, a 22 foot Catalina, 7/97
Sailing/Camping Trip to Cat and Deer Islands, 8/97
Horseback Riding Trip, High Hill Stables, 10/97
Service Trip to New Orleans--Bethlehem Children's Home and Aquarium of the Americas, 12/97

Daysail/Meeting in Mississippi Sound,1/96
Horn Island Cleanup, 5/96
Pensacola Naval Air Station trip, 6/96
Cookout at Ocean Springs Yacht Club, 7/96
Sailed to Dauphin Island, 8/96
International Beach Cleanup at Horn Island, 9/96
Scuba Diving, 9/96
Sailing/Camping Trip to Deer Island and Camp Wilkes 12/96

Sailing/Camping Trip to Deer Island, 1/95
Boat fix-up day, 2/95
Sailing trip to the Horseshoe at Horn Island, 2/95
Cruise to Dauphin Island, 3/95
Sailing trip to Ship Island, 4/95
Sailing/camping trip to Horn Island, 5/95
Ship Island Beach Bash, 6/95
Sailing from Gulf Islands National Seashores Park to Deer Island and Back Bay 7/95
Sailing trip to Dauphin Island, 8/95
Sailing/Camping Trip to Camp Wilkes, 11/95


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