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ShipMaster is a Microsoft Access '97 program that I (Dan Zwerg) developed about 10 years ago! I've been out of Sea Scouting for a while and am now taking a fresh look at this project. I expect to release an updated version soon (Fall 2009) with the current requirements. I'll leave the links here in case you find them useful. To download either ShipMaster program, click on the link below.

ShipMaster v. 1.3 database for MS Access 97: Released October 1999. Tracks data for youth and adults. Includes all Sea Scout advancement requirements and subrequirements, dues, medical alerts, and more. Many useful reports and labels. Forms and reports can easily be converted to HTML for web site use. Use the SETUP menu tab to enter data for your ship. Will not work with Access 95 (version 7) or below. This is a self-extracting zip file (169 KB) that, once unzipped, is run with MS Access.

ShipMaster v. 1.3 RT: Same as above but does not require Microsoft Access 97 to run. This is a 9 MB self-extracting zip file. After unzipping the file, run the SETUP.EXE file to install the program. Use this version of ShipMaster if you do NOT have Access 97.

Readme: View the Readme file that is included with ShipMaster 1.3.

Here and here are documents concerning the history of the ShipMaster program.


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